Thursday, November 12, 2009

Michael Slawter "An Assassination Of Someone You Knew"

01. Count To 10
02. She Thinks She's Cool
03. Obvious
04. Hollywood Sunshine
05. Too Dumb For You
06. My Marion
07. Leave Her Alone
08. Rome Is On Fire
09. The Day Before You Left
10. Passion Of The Stars
11. Ticker Tape Plan
12. The Queen Of All She Sees

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Edmund's Crown "Regrets Of A Company Man"

1. Feet On The Ground
2. Damsel
3. Company Man
4. Stuck In An Office
5. Nashville Star
6. Not That It Matters
7. Keith Richards
8. Eight Years Ago
9. Marcos Flies
10. You're So Ten Years Ago
11. Legend
12. The Next Thing
13. Can't Stay Here
14. Fish In A Bucket
15. Can't Take That Back
16. See You Tonight
17. She's Never Coming Back
18. Play The Guitar

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beatlescene "Magical Mystery Band"

I'm a musician myself, recording and producing my own CD's. You can find my latest CD on Itunes. (just search for "Joe Lynch Taking My Time" it's got a power pop and 80's feel to it) But I had forgotten I had done this years ago. About 8 years ago I took some home demos I had intentionally written in a Beatle style and put them together in one CD under a fake band name "Beatlescene". It was just a small amount of cd's that I had printed, very limited edition! They are all home demos so it's not full studio quality, but I was listening to them today and I may actually re-do some of them. I have already 're-done' "Mr. Wilson", it's on my "Taking My Time" CD. But anyway, if you're curious I've made it availabe here as a download.
Beatlescene Demos 2001

01 Magical Mystery Band
02 Pcychedelphia
03 Mr. Wilson
04 Cherry Hill Parade
05 Hello Forever
06 Molly And Andy
07 If I Could
08 Blackburn Lancashire
09 Halfway Home
10 Take Control (Of Your Head)
11 Hello Forever (Part 2)
12 The News (live)