Thursday, May 6, 2010

Joe Lynch "Taking My Time"

My own cd release. I'm down to just a few copies of it left, so I'm just going to hang on to those and thought I'd post this on the blog for everyone. This is all "home" recorded. Although I did my best to avoid the "home demo" sound. The recording process took over a year, so you can actually hear the progression in quality between songs. Some that were recorded early in the process sounded more "raw" than those that were recorded near the end of the process. (although you'll have to guess which one's are which because they are not arranged on the cd chronologically! I will tell you that "Mr. Wilson" was the last one recorded and I believe the recording quality of that track is indicative of the recording quality of my next project I'm working on) This is also available on Itunes, so if you felt so inclined you could check it out there, just search for "joe lynch taking my time". There are a couple tracks available there that aren't on the cd if I remember correctly.

You can listen to a couple tracks below to see if you would like to download

01 Taking My Time
02 Cover Me
03 Let It Go
04 Are You Sleeping
05 Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
06 I'll Be There
07 Under The Gun
08 Upside Down
09 Mr. Wilson
10 Take Wing
11 All Falls Down
12 Welcome To The Show
13 Drive (Cars Cover)
14 Run To Me (bonus)