Monday, April 18, 2011

The Romantics "Bookie's Club" January 1979 (LINK UPDATED 06/12)

Before they released their first album, this radio show is a quite interesting testament to their energy on stage. Featuring a couple of songs that were never officially recorded (to my knowledge) plus a very early rendition of "what I Like About You" with some different lyrics and what sounded like an unsure Jimmy Marinos trying to find the right melody.

Thanks to an anonymous blog reader for sending this one in. I re-edited the track separators and ran it through some de-hissing software and that seemed to increase the sound quality slightly.

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1. First In Line
2. Running Away
3. She Knows Me
4. Gimme One More Chance
5. Tell It To Carrie
6. Take Me Out Of The Rain
7. Stone Pony
8. What I Like About You
9. Coming Back Home
10. This Could Be The Last Time

The Ramones "Rocket To Russia" 180 Gram Vinyl

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Cretin Hop 1:55
Rockaway Beach 2:06
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 2:47
Locket Love 2:09
I Don't Care 1:38
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker 2:49
We're A Happy Family 2:47
Teenage Lobotomy 2:00
Do You Wanna Dance? 1:52
I Wanna Be Well 2:28
I Can't Give You Anything 1:57
Ramona 2:35
Surfin' Bird 2:37
Why Is It Always This Way? 2:32