Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rare Sealed Hot Dates LP for sale on Ebay

RARE Hot Dates LP has shown up for sale on Ebay. And it's STILL SEALED!

For those interested, click on the photo, or follow this link:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Propeller- Don't Be Sorry, Again

New album from the group Propeller!

Fun, pop rock & Powerpop.  Energetic music.

The album opens with the song "Gone Too Far", and while a decent enough song, didn't feel to me like a "first track album opener".  The second track "Nothing" opens with guitar riffs and hand-claps, and is one I probably would've used as an album opener. (hand-claps are ALWAYS an attention-getter)

Some other highlights include "Never Going Back (To You)", "She's Out There", and "Summer Songs". The ladder has both "summer" and "radio" in the lyrics so two sure fired PowerPop attention getter "buzzwords" are put to good use.

Overall a good album. If I had to choose something constructive to critique I would say the lead vocal could use a little diversity.  The whisper like quality of the lead singer's voice is fine, but with it never changing, it can tend to make the listener mistake one song for another after a full listen to the album. That, however, is only a very minor critique. Still fully recommended! Don't be sorry, pick it up!