Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beatlescene "Magical Mystery Band"

I'm a musician myself, recording and producing my own CD's. You can find my latest CD on Itunes. (just search for "Joe Lynch Taking My Time" it's got a power pop and 80's feel to it) But I had forgotten I had done this years ago. About 8 years ago I took some home demos I had intentionally written in a Beatle style and put them together in one CD under a fake band name "Beatlescene". It was just a small amount of cd's that I had printed, very limited edition! They are all home demos so it's not full studio quality, but I was listening to them today and I may actually re-do some of them. I have already 're-done' "Mr. Wilson", it's on my "Taking My Time" CD. But anyway, if you're curious I've made it availabe here as a download.
Beatlescene Demos 2001

01 Magical Mystery Band
02 Pcychedelphia
03 Mr. Wilson
04 Cherry Hill Parade
05 Hello Forever
06 Molly And Andy
07 If I Could
08 Blackburn Lancashire
09 Halfway Home
10 Take Control (Of Your Head)
11 Hello Forever (Part 2)
12 The News (live)