Monday, October 24, 2016

Butch Young "Mercury Man" Review

From Butch Young comes the independent release "Mercury Man".  Butch has put together a collection of songs worth considering.
On first listen, the influence of the fab four is evident. But while others emulate a more "pre-psychedelic" Beatles sound, Butch immerses himself in the feel of the Beatles more experimental phase complete with orchestration.
"Persephone" features a slide guitar reminiscent of George Harrison's solos, a solo heard, but not overpowering.  "One Foot In" starts with an acapella set of vocals, whose sound is as if the Beatles were attempting a Beach Boys session. The horns in the background help fill out the track and compliment it's "Penny Lane" feel.
"Sunday Driver", another bouncy track begins with what is either trumpet or french horn lending a little Burt Bacharach feel which soon gives way to everpresent Beatles theme.
I always like to close with a little suggestion of something I would have liked to have heard but didn't.  I would like to have heard a little more range in the vocals.  I would liked to have heard Butch stretch out a little more, a few more higher range vocals would have increased the catchiness of the vocals.
All in all a great effort and worth checking out!  You can purchase and listen through Butch's bandcamp link below: