Friday, February 10, 2012

The Bopp "Paisley Underground"

I highly recommend this album from French group, The Bopp. It's as though you've stepped into a time machine back to the mid 60's and turned on the radio as you're driving with the top down on some sunny day... Authentic 60's sound all the way down to the production of the album. Drums recorded to give that 'roomy' sound of a band in a garage feverishly rehearsing with the hopes of hitting it big some day.

The songwriting is solid, and my personal favs are "Paisley Underground", "Over And Down", and "Think Twice". Although this is one CD that you can listen to without a skipping a track.
This gets the Power Population "gold star" rating! Pick it up at the following link:


And check out the band's Myspace page here: