Monday, June 18, 2012

REVIEW: Trolley "Things That Shine And Glow"

From the opening licks of "I Woke Up", you know you are in for a treat. If these songs were loaded into a time machine and transported back to the early/mid 60's, they would most likely dominate the garage/pop movement of that time.  

Highlights for me are "I Woke Up", "Til I'm Gone", "Out Of Love", and "She's The Kind Of Girl", just to name a few. 

If I absolutely HAD to pick some aspect I didn't care for, it would be minor. "I Can't Hide" was a song I kept waiting to build up, but it never did, it stayed the same throughout, so it was rather anti-climatic, and the harmony in "In The End" seemed a little odd in some places, but like I said, only minor details.

I highly recommend picking this up from the band, and tell 'em Powerpopulation sent you!!

Click HERE or on the photo to be taken to Trolley's Band Camp page for purchase.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome stuff!!! Sounds a little like Stiv Bators' solo stuff...or vice versa.


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