Friday, April 11, 2014

Experiences for Sale....(My 30 Year High School Reunion....)

I just this past year experienced my 30 Year High School Reunion...

I was contacted by the organizers to see if I'd be interested in being the "musical entertainment" for the evening with my band.  My band had gone on to other things, work, life, family, etc. So to do this I would have to put together a NEW band.  I would also have only about 6 or 7 rehearsals to hash out about 20 songs that were popular from our high school years...  So of course I said "yes", then I worried about it afterward.

It came together better than I had hoped, so I put together a CD memento of the concert for those of my classmates who were interested.  I figured I would offer the download version here in case anyone is interested.  These are all cover tunes from, in general, the 80's. There is one original tune I wrote for the reunion which I've featured here before.  But it is included here in it's live version.

For those interested, you can purchase the concert at bandcamp at this link:  

Have fun!

If you're still old school, like me, and would like a physical CD version as pictured above, just message me at with "REUNION CD CONCERT" in the subject.