Sunday, October 30, 2011

REVIEW: Scott Brookman "A Song For Me, A Song For You"

Recommended for fans of the Beach Boys and/or piano based pop

While done on an indie budget, Scott Brookman has created some memorable melodies on this release. I'm betting there are a few Beach Boys/Brian Wilson albums in his record collection somewhere.
There are only a few guitar based tunes on this album, but they are expertly inserted just when you need them.
While Scott doesn't overdub background vocal after background vocal, his inflection is reminiscent of Brian Wilson, or his brother Carl at times. He's got a very pleasant voice, which is sometimes elusive in the indie-pop genre. (there are lots of great songwriters out there who would benefit from someone else singing their songs, but Scott is not one of them.)
So if you're looking for something to spin with your feet up one Sunday afternoon, you could do worse than "A Song For Me, A Song For You".

Standouts for me include: "The First Assault On My Day", "Lemon Lane", and "Monday Shirt"

"Monday Shirt" is available for free download HERE.

Scott's Website: Scott Brookman Bandcamp

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