Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Of My Cover Songs

I've gotten in with a few companies who supply music supervisors for film/tv/commercial projects and over the past year or so when they ask for submissions of cover songs they need replacements for I'll record one here and there. (it's cheaper to use a cover song than pay for the original in movies!) I've really got nothing else to do with these songs, these are the ones that weren't picked up, so I figured I'd post them on the blog and see if anyone can get any enjoyment out of them. They are an eclectic mix!

01- "Cars"- Gary Numan cover. This one's the finished version, kept fairly close to the original, but adding some guitar.
02- "Things We Said Today"- Beatles cover. Finished version, kept pretty close to the original.
03- "For What It's Worth" Buffalo Springfield cover. Fairly close to the original in melody but with sort of a modern electronic beat. This one's just an unfinished demo.
04- "Ring Of Fire" Johnny Cash cover. They requested this to have the music as close to possible to the original, but they didn't want it to sound like it was recorded 60 years ago! (contradictory?) Anyway, I did what I could, this one's a finished version.
05- "Norwegian Wood"- Beatles cover. demo version
06- "Let It Be"- Beatles cover. Earthy version, never made it out of demo phase.


  1. These covers are really, really good! I'm always on the lookout for Beatles covers in particular and, more often than not, I'm terribly disappointed. But you posted a trifecta of gems! For What It's Worth is just as impressive. Good job... and thanks for all the little nuggets you offer that you don't do yourself, too.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! Glad someone can get some enjoyment out of these.


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