Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Mediafire is driving me crazy with the pop ups whenever someone tries to download anything there, so does anyone know of any decent free hosting site that doesn't kill you with pop ups? I hate to submit the blog readers to all those pop ups at mediafire. Sooner or later one of them will try to get you with adware, I've had that happen several times trying to download files from Megaupload, so I try to avoid Megaupload too. Any suggestions?



    The above link is to a free program called Adblock Plus and I use it daily. I can block pop-ups as well as block ad sites and servers. Literally, they cannot get through. Having said that, sometimes the site prevents your viewing content if you don't accept their ads. It's a fair trade off as there are duplicate sites for everything on Google.

    As to the free host server question, I prefer Megaupload as I get fast download times after 1800 in the States (Europe has turned in for the night and their demand goes down).I've also not had problems with ads from them.

  2. Thanks for all your wonderful shares. I for one am willing to work with what works best for you. Personally I have had no problems with Megaupload or Mediafire. I use Firefox. either of the two mentioned work much better than RS. Again it really should be what is best for you. Thanks again for your generosity.

  3. I would reconsider Rapidshare and go with one of the paid plans. With their new setup, it will probaby cost you $50 a year or less. I'd say a $1 a week is certainly worth it, especially to avoid all the spyware and such.


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